In general practice, we regularly see patients with dry, chesty coughs lasting several weeks. Mycoplasma infection is one of the main causes.

In general, most symptoms are mild and infection will recover on its own. However, when symptoms get worse (usually over a period of 1 to 4 weeks), it is possible that the Mycoplasma infection may develop into more serious illness.

The most common is tracheobronchitis (particularly in children), commonly known as a chest cold.

Common symptoms include:

•Sore throat 

•Fatigue (feeling tired) 


•Slowly worsening dry cough that can last for weeks or months 


It is estimated that that up to 10% of Mycoplasma infections develop into Mycoplasma pneumonia. In fact, 20-40% of community acquired pneumonias are due to Mycoplasma pneumonia.

Common symptoms of pneumonia include:

•Cough with mucus production 

•Fever and chills 

•Shortness of breath and wheezing 

•Chest pain 


Traditionally, diagnosis is confirmed with blood tests or sputum cultures

These days, a RAPID Mycoplasma antigen test is available, with results available within 15 minute

This allows the diagnosis to be confirmed, and for appropriate treatment to be started immediately. In addition, testing for Mycoplasma reduces the likelihood of the infection developing into a serious illness.

Mycoplasma can be cured. Cross Street Medical has the Rapid test kits as well as appropriate treatment for Mycoplasma. 

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