We are all aware of the serious nature of Covid-19 disease in Singapore, and the world at large.

The most common presenting symptoms for Covid-19 disease, occurring in more than 80% of patients are:
•Dry cough
•Sore throat

These symptoms overlap with Influenza symptoms, which are:
•Body aches
•Dry cough
•Runny nose
•Sore or dry throat

As such, , it will be very difficult for any General Practitioner (GP)to know whether you have influenza or are suspected of Covid-19 infection.

There is a high possibility that if you have influenza, you may still be sent by your GP to Accident & Emergency (A&E) for Covid-19 testing and isolation. This process adds a lot of burden to the healthcare system at a critical time. It also creates a lot of anxiety for a patient.

Now, more than ever, it makes very good sense for everyone to have their influenza vaccinations updated, in order to avoid contracting influenza at this critical time, when Covid-19 infections are in our community, and symptoms between the two are not easily distinguishable without blood tests.

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