A penile discharge is a watery, cloudy or thick discharge from the tip of the penis. There may also be a “burning” pain when passing urine. Less often, there may be an itch inside the urethra (inside the tip of the penis and shaft of penis).

A penile discharge is a sign of an infection, which is likely due to a bacterial infection: 

•Most probably, a penile discharge is due to a sexually transmitted disease/infection (STD/STI). Chlamydiagonorrhea, and trichomonas are the main types of sexually transmitted bacterial infection commonly causing a penile discharge

•Ureaplasma and mycoplasma are also bacterial infections that may cause penile discharge

•Urinary tract infections in men may also cause a penile discharge and must be investigated and treated. Urine cultures are recommended to confirm the diagnosis and antibiotic sensitivity

Once the type of bacterial infection is identified correctly, all bacterial infections may be treated and cured with appropriate antibiotics.

Rarely, genital herpes virus infection may cause a penile discharge. This condition can be managed with appropriate use of oral antiviral medication.

 The doctors at Cross Street Medical have the expertise to accurately diagnose and appropriately treat penile discharge caused by bacterial or viral infections.   

Complications of untreated penile discharge include:

•Infection of the prostate (prostatitis)
•Infection of the testicles (epididymitis) and risk of infertility
•Increased risk of contracting other STIs and HIV
•Reactive arthritis
•Septic arthritis, meningitis or endocarditis

Early treatment of an STD/STI is the key to preventing transmission to others; complete cure prevents complications from developing.

Do take note that some STDs/STIs may not have symptoms in the early stages of infection. Symptoms may sometimes take months to develop.

Be responsible. If you are in a new sexual relationship, or have had casual sex, you should screen for STD. Persuade your partners to be screened as well.

Stop the spread of STDs/STIs. Get tested today. Consult our doctors now.

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