MOH has informed all doctors in their recent circular No. 15/2018, that due to significant changes in the current southern hemisphere influenza vaccine, all persons at risk should be vaccinated, irrespective of whether they had received flu vaccinations in the last one year.

Influenza A was responsible for larger and more severe outbreaks and the new vaccine will provide broader and better protection AGAINST influenza A (H3N2). 

MOH’s Expert Committee on Immunisation (ECI) recommends that the following groups (i.e. those at increased risk of influenza-related complications) be vaccinated against influenza. These groups include: 

  • Persons aged 65 years or older
  • Young children (aged 6 to 59 months)
  • Pregnant women (all stages)
  • Persons with chronic medical diseases (including cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, renal, neurologic, hepatic, or haematologic disorders)
  • Persons who are immunosuppressed
  • Anyone staying in intermediate or long term care facilities to reduce the risk of influenza transmission.

The ECI also recommends that all healthcare workers and staff in healthcare institutions receive seasonal influenza vaccination to reduce the risk of influenza transmission between them and patients.

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