RISE IN STD/STI INCIDENCE SINGAPORE: What do we need to know? Who are at risk? What may be done?

Data source: https://www.dsc-clinic.sg/Pati… The Singapore Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections (or DSC) revealed in January this year statistics on sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs) in Singapore. Like most developed countries, chlamydia has the highest incidence rates in Singapore, with the number of newly diagnosed cases of 2,900 in 2016 alone. Gonorrhoea, followed by syphilis are the second and third most common STDs respectively. While the highest […]

Syphilis – The emergence of a pandemic cluster

The introduction of the antibiotic, Penicillin in the mid-twentieth century effectively treated Syphilis. This is still the first-line treatment for Syphilis.  The first reported outbreaks of Syphilis were reported in Europe in 1495 and spread rapidly to other continents, resulting in a pandemic strain of syphilis.  According to recent scientific research at the University of […]

Latest HIV treatment guidelines 2018: One-pill, once-daily treatment

Latest HIV treatment guidelines 2018: One-pill, once-daily treatment Simpler dosing, better adherence, better patient outcomes The United States (US) Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released their updated guidelines on the treatment of HIV infection on March 27, 2018. Based on clinical trial evidence, the use of a single-pill, once-daily combination therapy comprising bictegravir, tenofovir alafenamide […]


Most common STD Data source: statistics from the DSC (released January 2018) CHLAMYDIA IS THE MOST COMMON STD IN SINGAPORE: What do we need to know? What are its symptoms? What tests are available? Is there effective treatment? The latest 2016 statistics from the Singapore Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections (or DSC) show that Chlamydia is the most common STD […]

Super Gonorrhea

It has been reported this week that there is a man in the UK who contracted Gonorrhea somewhere in Southeast Asia and the bacteria is resistant to the standard antibiotics used to treat it.  The media is calling it “Super Gonorrhea” But this is no laughing matter. If these antibiotic resistant strains become commonplace, we […]

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination 2018

MOH has informed all doctors in their recent circular No. 15/2018, that due to significant changes in the current southern hemisphere influenza vaccine, all persons at risk should be vaccinated, irrespective of whether they had received flu vaccinations in the last one year. Influenza A was responsible for larger and more severe outbreaks and the […]

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