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Vacuum Constriction Devices (commonly known as vacuum pump or penis pump)

A vacuum constriction device (VCD) is a non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction. It can be used alone or together with other treatments for erectile dysfunction, such as pelvic floor exercises (kegel) or oral medication (PDE5 inhibitors).

A VCD helps a man achieve and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. But it takes practice and correct use.

Who should consider using a VCD (Vacuum Constriction Devices )?

VCD are most commonly used to treat medical causes of erectile dysfunction. These include:

  • Diabetes
  • After surgery (or radiation) for prostate or colon cancer
  • Psychological issues such as anxiety-based erectile dysfunction
  • Damage to nerves that control the erection reflex

How Well Do VCD work?

Studies suggest that about 50%-80% of men are satisfied with the results of VCD.

A VCD might be a good alternative if oral medication (PDE5 inhibitors) causes side effects, does not work sufficiently or medication not suitable.

It may also be a good choice if you do not want to take oral medication.

How does a VCD work?

Using a vacuum constriction device in four simple steps:

  1. Place the VCD over the penis
  2. Pump the air out of the cylinder so that a vacuum is created (pumped by hand or run on batteries). The vacuum draws blood into the shaft of the penis and causes it to swell and become erect
  3. Once you have an erection, slip an elastic tension ring around the base of your penis. This helps you maintain the erection by trapping blood inside the penis
  4. Remove the pump. The elastic tension ring can be safely left on the penis (for up to 30 minutes) to allow for successful sexual intercourse

Note: Do not leave the tension ring on the penis for more than 30 minutes. Cutting off the blood flow for too long might injure your penis.

Who should not use a VCD?

  • If you take blood-thinning medicines, such as aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel
  • If you have Peyronie’s disease
  • If you have a significant congenital bleeding disorder such as sickle cell anaemia, some forms of leukemia, and other blood conditions.
  • If you have priapism (a prolonged, sometime painful erection lasting 4 hours or more)
These conditions can make you prone to blood clots or bleeding.

Choosing a VED

You can buy VED from online stores, in magazines and sex ads. It is recommended to consult a doctor before you buy one to ensure safety and suitability. The doctor might suggest or recommend a specific model (medical grade product).