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Professional HIV Screening / Rapid Testing

Cross Street Medical Clinic is approved to do HIV Testing by the Ministry of Health Singapore. Cross Street Medical offers all relevant HIV screening tests, PEP and PrEP. Speak to our doctors today about what you may need. Female doctors are available by appointment. We ensure patient privacy and confidentiality for all discussions, tests and treatments.

If a healthy person is exposed to blood or potentially infectious fluids from an HIV-positive person, the only conclusive method of diagnosing HIV infection is through HIV testing/HIV screening. If your HIV test is negative The test shows that you do not have HIV infection. Steps may be taken to prevent HIV:
  • Have less risky sex. HIV is spread mainly by anal and vaginal sex without a condom
  • Always use condoms properly during anal, vaginal and oral sex
  • Get tested and treated for STD. Insist that your partner gets tested and treated too. Having an STD can increase your risk of HIV infection. Learn more about STD
  • If you are at high risk of becoming infected, taking a daily preventative HIV medicine called pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP may prevent HIV infection by more than 90%. Learn more about PrEP
If your HIV test is positive The test shows that you have HIV infection. Learn more about treatment for HIV

Current guidelines for HIV screening

Modern HIV testing is extremely accurate, but no test can detect the virus immediately after infection. Tests are correct more than 99% of the time. Latest recommendations of the United States Centre for Disease Control (2015) are:
  • HIV testing with an immunoassay combination test for HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies and p24 antigen (P24 Antigen/antibody test)within first 45 days of exposure
  • Following a negative result, an immunoassay combination test for HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies (Antibody test) should be done 45 days later or 3 months post-exposure